Perfection Through Specialization

Welcome to HirschTransfer!  
I am your competent service provider when it comes to translating German or English language documents relating to transfer pricing and other international tax issues.  I have the ideal background to deliver top notch work within a minimum of time:
  • JD from George Washington University Law School and LL.M. in Taxation from Georgetown University Law Center;
  • Six years of experience with the "Big Four" accounting firm KPMG with an emphasis on transfer pricing, of which I spent four years in the United States and two in Germany;
  • Completely bilingual, with German as native language and many years of experience as a journalist and attorney in the United States; and
  • Special knowledge of the vocabulary and concepts of German and U.S. tax law, as well as the OECD Guidelines and the Code of Conduct of the European Union.
  • I have dealt with a variety of fiscal and economic issues because transfer pricing is usually part of a bigger picture.
Georg F. Hirsch

A few examples when HirschTransfer is your best choice:

  • Your business is based in Germany, and you want to promote it in the Anglo-Saxon market, or even globally; the language of your flyers and other materials is supposed to have 100% of the quality of your German materials.
  • You prepared a memorandum or a transfer pricing guideline in German, and now you want to make the document accessible to affiliates outside of Germany.
  • A German auditor demands the translation of a transfer pricing documentation report or a segment thereof from English into German.
  • You have a draft contract either in German or in English, and you need a version in the other language that says exactly the same thing; correct application of legal and fiscal terminology is of the essence.
I am also glad to serve you as editor or proof reader to optimize existing documents in German or English.  Business people as well as tax authorities can recognize the difference between good translations into their own language prepared by non-native speakers and idiomatically fine-tuned translations containing all nuances of the original text.  They will appreciate the extra quality.
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Specialized yet Versatile

As a translator, I specialize largely in transfer pricing and other tax law issues.  However, I have had various other professional and life experience that allow me to run a diversified business.  Click here to learn more about me - or click directly on one of the images below if you are interested in any particular aspect!