Georg F. Hirsch
c/o HirschTransfer
801 North Pitt Street #1410
Alexandria, VA 22314, USA
Tel. +1-703-310-7077
Fax +1-703-879-2978 


Typical Course of a Transaction
As soon as you have contacted me, I will get an understanding of the type and extent of work to be done and provide you with a written estimate (usually by E-mail) of expected delivery date/time as well as an estimated price.
Once you have indicated in writing (e.g., by E-mail) whether you are agreeable to the estimate, I will start work immediately.  If you have questions regarding my initial estimate, I will be glad to further discuss and adjust scope of work or time frame as needed.
When my work is concluded, I will send you a draft for your review.  Once you have given your written approval of the deliverable, I will send you an invoice.
If you have a U.S. checkbook, you can simply mail me a check.  Otherwise, you can wire the fee to one of my bank accounts.
United States:
Bank of America, Account # 001913949914, Routing # 026009593
BIC (for transfers for outside the United States only): BOFAUS3N
Frankfurter Sparkasse, Account # 1202487570, Routing # 50050201